Green building and indoor air quality

Building owners and developers can avoid millions in maintenance and remediation cost through targeted investments in effective indoor environmental quality and building management systems. Our extensive experience with green building systems and indoor air quality programs enables us to develop tailored building solutions based on proven standards and methods.


Quelle: Pixabay (Stefan Schweihofer)

Quelle: Pixabay (Stefan Schweihofer)

The absence of harmful pollutants and verifiable healthy indoor air quality are essential attributes of a sustainable building and paramount to ensuriong the asset’s long term value. We support developers, architects, interior designers, and facility managers in achieving and maintaining healthy indoor environments and buildings, and help them avoid costly risks of indoor air quality incidents and related building failures.

We only use established and proven methods, standards, and procedures for use in new buildings, building renovations, and management of existing buildings. We work with renowned European and North American experts in indoor air quality, mold and moisture management, and building inspection.
Our services

  • Development of low pollutant, low emissions, and low odor product specifications and purchasing requirements for building products, furniture and furnishings
  • Attainment of LEED, WELL, or DGNB credits and criteria for healthy indoor environments
  • Development of test and measurement criteria and systems to continuously monitor building air quality
  • Incident response planning and coordination
  • Verification or certification of healthy buildings and good indoor air quality
  • Green cleaning and maintenance systems


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