Product consulting and optimization


Green building rating systems, indoor air quality criteria, and product transparency declarations have become common requirements for building products and furnishings in markets around the world. We help manufacturers make sense of this rapidly changing environment, realize opportunities, and win against the competition.

  • Product Optimization
    • Product Consulting Services, Design for Environment
    • Testing and Certification Planning – Which certification or test data meets specification and purchasing requirements? Which scheme offers the greatest benefits and creates most value?
    • LCA, EPD, HPD Consulting – How to best meet current and future product transparency requirements and protect intellectual property? How to best communicate complex environmental data?
  • Market Access Services
    • Compile product- and market specific information for international markets.
    • Develop (and implement) compliance and market access plan
    • Train sales and marketing staff
  • LEED, DGNB, etc. Communication
    • Develop marketing and communication tools to effectively convey sustainability attributes
    • Develop rating system specific compliance documentation for A&D, specifiers, and purchasers
  • Sales and Marketing Training
    • Develop and run education programs and training seminars for sales professionals on relevant building rating systems and how to effectively sell into green building markets
    • Train marketing professionals on how to successfully communicate product attributes to green building audiences


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