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We help companies optimize and integrate sustainability into their existing business processes to create long-term value. Our portfolio of sustainability and strategy tools enable us to tailor our  services to our customers’ specific needs. We don’t use set models or methodologies, but rather an individually customized approach tuned into the respective situation – always personal and measurable in value based metrics.

Sales and Management Training and Coaching

Many sustainability strategies and programs fail or won’t generate the desired return due to a lack of knowledge and insufficient communication abilities in key corporate functions and roles.  We offer tailored seminars and training courses for sales and marketing professionals, as well as specific sustainability coaching services for leadership and management. All of our educational services can be customized to the specific customer needs and expectations. We also offer a few standard courses on topics such as LEED, DGNB, indoor air quality, EPDs, HPDs, general sustainability, etc.

Sustainable Products and Supply Chains

We can support organizations in optimizing their product portfolio for sustainability, identifying opportunities for innovation, and implementing a more sustainable design process. Based on market and regulatory requirements we can support our clients in setting product development and market access strategies worldwide. This includes optimizing products for LEED, DGNB, or BREEAM requirements.

We can evaluate complex supply chains for weaknesses and risks regarding ecological, social, or reputational aspects. After prioritizing potential challenges we will develop a strategic concept with our clients to actively eliminate or minimize, and manage risks and systematically involve suppliers in the process.

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is at the heart of effective corporate strategy and future business success. We will balance all aspects of an organization’s market environment and stakeholder engagements towards a strategy that ensures long-term value creation.

Organizations face increasingly complex market expectations and requirements regarding ecology, health, transparency, social impacts, and other aspects of sustainability. We help our clients understand current and future market trends and translate them into profitable and sustainable strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

We understand market and societal expectations as well as regulatory constraints and we bring the necessary mix of credibility, creativity, and market-based thinking to the table. Our unique experience in strategic communications, environmental certification, and sustainability allows us to deliver an informed and effective approach helping our clients effectively communicate and motivate external and internal stakeholders, instill pride in employees and customers alike, and create long-term shared value.

Green Building and Indoor Air Quality

Building owners and operators can realize millions of Dollars in annual savings by investing in sustainable buildings and effective indoor air quality (IAQ) management systems and preventative maintenance. We can develop green building and IAQ management systems based on established standards such as LEED, DGNB, etc. and support municipalities, developers, and building owners in creating an effective sustainable building and IAQ strategy.