Sales and Marketing Training


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We train sales and marketing professionals on sustainability topics crucial for your company’s success. Your teams will gain the knowledge and tools to confidently communicate and operate in an increasingly more sustainability focused market place.

There are many factors that influence the purchasing decisions of prospects and customers and sustainability or sustainable product attributes hold a fast growing share in this decision making process. It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to position themselves authentically and credibly in this area. A specific skill set, subject matter expertise, and clarity are key success factors. The more articulate, factual and authentic your market facing teams can engage with your customers the easier it will be for them to purchase from you.

Our trainings and work shops help our customers…

  • successfully participate in sustainability driven RFPs and specifications,
  • realize new revenue opportunities in sustainable markets, 
  • participate effectively in your customers sustainability projects and help them meet their objectives,
  • increase productivity of sales,
  • communicate sustainability related topics with confidence and credibility and successfully participate in sustainable markets.

Our seminars are hands-on, practice focused, and fun. We tailor our training programs to your organization’s individual needs and expectations to address specific challenges and situations. We design custom made training seminars fitted to your organization-, product-, or market-specific needs. Of course, we also offer more generic education on topics such as LEED®, WELL®, DGNB, Fitwel, BREEAM, LCA, EPDs, HPDs, general sustainability, etc.

Elements of our successful seminars include:

  • Knowledge and skills related to LEED, WELL, DGNB, and other green building systems 
  • Sustainable product attributes and added sustainability potential
  • Credible and authentic communication of sustainability achievements to prospects and customers
  • Approaches to industry- and market specific expectations and challenges
  • Optimization of sales and marketing collateral
  • Understanding of why sustainability is so important for your customers
  • Information, sources, and tools for sustainability
  • Confidence to approach the topic of sustainability in sales conversations and becoming a resource to your customers
  • Proven processes and approaches to tap into existing corporate knowledge and successful utilization of experts and specialists

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