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Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is at the heart of effective corporate strategy and future business success. We will balance all aspects of an organization’s market environment and stakeholder engagements towards a strategy that ensures long-term value creation.

Organizations face increasingly complex market expectations and requirements regarding ecology, health, transparency, social impacts, and other aspects of sustainability. We help our clients understand current and future market trends and translate them into profitable and sustainable strategy.

Sales and Management Training and Coaching

Many sustainability strategies and programs fail or won’t generate the desired return due to a lack of knowledge and insufficient communication abilities in key corporate functions and roles.  We offer tailored seminars and training courses for sales and marketing professionals, as well as specific sustainability coaching services for leadership and management. All of our educational services can be customized to the specific customer needs and expectations. We also offer a few standard courses on topics such as LEED, DGNB, indoor air quality, EPDs, HPDs, general sustainability, etc.

Market Access USA and North America 

The United States and Canada present very attractive market opportunities, but the US market is not without risk for European manufacturers. Environmental and product safety laws, marketing regulations and customs requirements, as well as evolving customer expectations and aggressive competition can pose significant legal and economic risk.

We advise manufacturers on legal and market-based requirements and how to minimize risk when entering the North American market and enable sustainable market success.

Business and Market Development

We help sustainability certification and service firms establish and grow a market presence in Europe. Expanding services and branding into the European market can be expensive and risky, due to limited understanding of local requirements, competitive landscape, and market conditions. We offer a low cost and low risk way to start doing business in Europe and grow internationally.