Sustainability Strategy and Business Planning

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A sustainability strategy encompasses more than outlining environmental initiatives and publishing a CSR report. Sustainability is at the heart of effective corporate strategy and future business success. It balances all aspects of an organization’s market environment and stakeholder engagements towards a strategy that ensures long-term value creation.Many organizations approach sustainability as an add-on to business-as-usual and thus struggle to establish successful sustainability processes. We can only achieve long-term value by integrating sustainability in business processes and align with existing strategies.

We will assess our clients’ existing sustainability situation through surveys; interviews with leadership, employees, customers, and stakeholders; and document reviews. We will perform a sustainability gap-analysis and evaluate the existing processes, responsibilities, requirements, and expectations of various stakeholder groups.

Together with our clients we will develop initial sustainability concepts to address the most relevant topics. In workshops and seminars we will identify the industry-, region-, and company-specific opportunities and risks and develop corresponding processes to actively engage internal and external stakeholders.

With our clients’ leadership, we will develop an individual sustainability strategy including realistic and relevant objectives and an implementation road map with clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations. A winning sustainability strategy must be ambitious and executable following a road map of clearly outlined milestones towards the defined corporate sustainability and business objectives. A key part of our strategic sustainability services is implementing qualitative and quantitative metrics, pinpointing the key interfaces between functional areas, and employing self-supporting management structures to achieve set objectives and ensure long-term success.

We can analyze key competitive advantages, identify opportunities and challenges, and create communication and go-to-market plans for various audiences. If desired, we can also facilitate the implementation process and provide ongoing feedback.

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