Sustainability Controlling and Program Optimization

Green building rating systems, indoor air quality criteria, and product transparency declarations have become common requirements for building products and furnishings in markets around the world. Manufacturers must make sense of this rapidly changing environment to seize opportunities and win or, at a minimum, match up against the competition.


Source: (Todd Quackenbush)

Source: (Todd Quackenbush)

Market knowledge and technical experience are key to select the best approach and environmental program to create maximum value. The certification and testing data must meet local specification and purchasing requirements and certification schemes must be able to offer tangible, measurable benefits for their customers. An in-depth look into the certifiers credentials, as well as their support and marketing structure is essential.

Many markets are expecting increasingly complex product transparency declarations such as LCA, EPDs or even HPDs, which raise a new set of questions. How can a manufacturer best meet current and future product transparency requirements without breaking the bank and and threatening their intellectual property? How to best communicate complex environmental data to a more sophisticated audience and, in many markets, more heavily regulated environment?

We help manufacturers navigate these complex issues, select the most effective initiatives and programs for their specific needs, and measure sustainability ROI to create value. For more information please visit here or contact us.